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2020 Wild Plastic™ 

Growing up in South Florida, I was constantly at the beach, getting sun burnt, exploring the creatures beneath the ocean's surface, smelling the ocean breeze, watching seagulls steal chips from tourists, and almost going in a trance listening to the waves crash. It's my favorite place to be.

Now going to the beach I've noticed a serious growing issue that has been developing over the recent decades. I'll see a large jellyfish in the water,

wait, no, it's a plastic bag. Look at this nice shell, never mind, it's a bottle cap.

That whale died from ingesting all that plastic?! I've seen enough.

This is why I decided to take action and create Wild Plastic. An ocean plastic prevention company with a mission: Rid the wild of plastic via beach clean-ups, upcycle recovered plastic into permanent items, and get to the root of the issue by providing alternatives to fossil fuel based single-use plastics.

Through awareness, clean-ups, supplying alternatives, and donating to like-minded organizations via 1% FOR THE PLANET, I believe we can make a difference to our oceans and see the benefits in the years to come.


Phil Scarlata




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