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2020 Wild Plastic™ 

Welcome to Wild Plastic's TideTurners™ program. Companies that have purchased compostable plant-based disposable items and other eco-friendly products from us to phase out fossil fuel-based conventional single-use plastics and polystyrene at their place of business are automatically added to our list.

Program benefits include:

  • Brand Promotion

  • Storefront Sticker

  • VIP Representative Support

  • Positive Eco-Friendly Customer Experience

  • Positive Customer Reviews

  • Increased Sales & Growth

After each delivery, your company's brand will be promoted through a social media and an email newsletter campaign creating public awareness of your companies commitment and responsible environmental business practices.


Here's How It Works:

Step 1: View the catalog & complete the quote form.

Step 2: Receive a quote & place the order.

Step 3: Product delivery and follow up.

Step 4: Brand promotion by Wild Plastic.

Step 5: Customer base growth.

Step 6: Recycle or compost discarded items.

We are finally in an age of great momentum towards solving the ocean plastic pollution crisis. As public awareness grows exponentially by the year, its never been a better time to show your customers that your business is contributing to the solution, not the problem. 

With prices comparable to conventional petroleum-based plastics, see how your help turn the tide against plastic pollution today!

This program is a great step towards reducing plastic pollution if disposable items are absolutely needed, however the best outcome is to prevent unnecessary waste all together. 

Here are some tips on how to prevent pollution by eliminating the problem from the start. 

With these practices, customers and employees will appreciate your commitment towards a cleaner planet creating a positive work environment and customer experience.

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