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2020 Wild Plastic™ 

Preventing plastic from lingering in the wild is paramount. But what about the plastic that is already out there? Sending it to a facility that may use it to create more plastic products that are only used once seems redundant.


The essence of Wild Plastic is to convert a single-use plastic product into a permanent infinite-use item. In addition, we'd like to relieve as much pressure from the landfills as possible, so we create an end-of-life point for plastic to avoid any risk of future pollution by upcycling. Here's how we do it:

The recovered plastic waste is de-labeled, cleaned and sorted by type and color.

Extreme caution is taken as the plastic is loaded into the shredder and shredded into flakes by 14 stainless steel blades. Powered by a 3HP electric motor and a V.F.D. (for managing R.P.M.) we can create the torque needed to process any household plastic. 

Any finished product that does not meet our standards can also put back in the shredder to be processed again, ensuring zero-waste.


The shredded pieces are loaded into the extrusion machine's hopper to be extruded. The plastic is forced through a barrel wrapped in 4 heaters by an extrusion screw (powered by the same motor as the shredder) at high heat. HDPE, for example heats up to 450ºF.

Coming out of the nozzle is melted plastic filament to be made into countless valuable items. We can mix different colors of plastic to make new color variations, similar to paint.


The plastic contracts as it cools so we have to use special molds to ensure we can remove the completed piece or else it must be cut off. Bonding to itself within minutes, a durable and solid object is now created.


After the finished product is tested for strength and inspected, the Wild Plastic logo (also made from extruded recycled plastic) is applied and is now ready to be added to our store.

We have now completed the cycle of turning a plastic item that did or could have harmed hundreds of marine life into a household item that doesn't ever need to be discarded.

To see what we create, check out the Upcycled section of our Marketplace!

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