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Rid the wild of plastic via beach clean-ups, upcycle recovered plastic into useful items of higher value, and provide eco-friendly alternatives to oil-based single-use plastics.


Every Piece Counts

Just imagine how many sea turtles, fish, and birds can take a bite out of one plastic bag. Heaps.


Additionally, oil-based plastic can take up 1,000 years to become micro-sized. Even at this point, it still won't ever fully decompose.


That's why every month we organize a local beach clean-up with the help of amazing volunteers, to rid the wild of plastic to make a difference at the ground level, literally.

We also invite you to bring your discarded and cleaned plastic from home to our clean-ups to be upcycled. 

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From Single-Use to Permanent-Use

This is one step up from recycling. The plastic we take from the wild is cleaned, shredded, melted, and created into something useful and permanent.

With this process, plastic is intercepted from causing any additional harm to the environment and turned into a better item that should never see a landfill or an ocean.

All this is done with our custom machines in our workshop.



You'll notice in our Marketplace we have a plethora of reusable Wild Plastic items, such as our straw combo pack and our jute grocery bags for you to

enjoy to get us one step closer to cleaner oceans.

Working with eco-friendly manufacturers, we also provide a range of biodegradable plant-based

products to replace those pesky oil-based

single-use plastics that get used once and sit in our environment for thousands of years.

Whether you need cups for a party, a solution to all those terrible water bottles, or a biodegradable

bamboo toothbrush, we have you covered.


With every purchase, you are saving the earth from one less plastic item being produced, one less plastic item ending up at our landfills, and one less plastic item in our oceans.



Tide Turners

Strike The Root!

We understand that the typical consumer is not totally at fault for the issues we are seeing today from plastic pollution. We're handed oil-based single-use plastic products almost everyday from businesses with very little support to do the right thing when we're done with them.

That's why Wild Plastic started the Tide Turners

Program to assist companies in converting from oil-based plastics to plant-based biodegradable plastics. In the future, this service will include collection and upcycling the plastic so that it will never see a landfill.

This way we take power away from a polluting industry and help our delicate marine environment at the same time.


Paying It Forward

We recognize this is a global team effort and working together is paramount. That's why we are a proud member of 1% FOR THE PLANET. We donate a portion of our sales to select foundations with our same goals and views so we all can benefit and grow to make a difference. 

We feel there's a thin line between donating and shopping at our Marketplace. When you check out, think of it as donating while receiving a thank you gift from our planet.

Wild Plastic also accepts donations directly.

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