Jute Shopping Tote
Jute Shopping Tote

Jute Shopping Tote

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Piling up those old plastic grocery bags aren't doing the anyone any good...

So we're introducing the Wild Plastic Jute multi-purpose tote!

Product Details

  • 13.75" L x 15.75" H
  • Convenient size and strong.
  • Saves hundreds of plastic bags per year.
  • Replacement for 2-3 plastic grocery bags.
  • Can be re-used for years.
  • Certified compostable & biodegradable.
  • Sustainably sourced 100% Jute.
  • Better for the environment than cotton.
  • Made from plants, not petroleum.
  • Very low environmental footprint.
  • Bring it everywhere for all shopping needs!


  • One Million single-use plastic bags are used every minute. Only 1% is recycled properly.
  • 500 Billion plastic bags are discarded each year.
  • The petroleum used to make 13 plastic bags can be used to drive a car 1 mile.
  • Can be reused for years without degradation. 
  • Better option for the environment than cotton.

 Jute vs. Cotton

  • Jute fibers are stronger than cotton fibers. 
  • Jute uses exponentially less water to farm and has a higher grow yeild.
  • Rarely needs fertilizers or other chemicals, cotton requires a tremendous amount.
  • Extremely more sustainable compared to cotton.
  • Biodegrades faster than cotton.

Usage Tips

  • Bring into grocery or other shopping stores.
  • Place items in jute tote or cart.
  • Hand jute tote to bagger upon check-out to place items in.
  • Unpack groceries or other goods.
  • Leave by house front door to return to car.
  • Repeat. 

Don't Pollute, Choose Jute!