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  • Our state recycling system is overwhelmed and struggling from the recent break-up with China. According to many reports, only 8% of household recyclables actually get recycled. Most of that plastic ends up at the landfill, incinerated (causing toxic fumes and ozone depletion), or stagnates in the wild for years. So Wild Plastic invites you to save your discarded and cleaned disposable plastic to bring from home to our clean-ups for us to upcycle. Examples include beverage containers, shampoo bottles, food containers, detergent dispensers, etc. This way we can turn a single-use item into a permanent, more valuable product avoiding any environmental stress.  (We cannot accept PVC #3 or PS #6 (Styrofoam))*

  • Jute collection bags, trash grabbers and safety gloves will be provided.

  • Wild Plastic Alternatives will be for available for purchase.

*For more information on different types of plastic, click here

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