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 "An ocean plastic prevention company with a mission: Rid the wild of plastic via beach clean-ups, upcycle recovered plastic into permanent items, and get to the root of the issue by providing alternatives to fossil fuel based single-use plastics."


Did you know over 14 Billion pounds of garbage enter the oceans each year and 90% of that is plastic? We'd like to change that.


Every month we organize a local beach clean-up, with the help of amazing volunteers, to rid the wild of plastic to make a difference at the ground level, literally.

We also invite you to bring your saved, cleaned, discarded plastic from home to our clean-ups. Click here for more information.

You can also subscribe and we would love to let you know of the next one!

Upcycling is one step up from recycling. Plastic intercepted from the wild supplies us with the raw material we need to turn a single-use potentially polluting object, into a permanent household item or work of art.

With this process, the plastic is prevented from causing any additional harm to the environment and turned into a better item that should never see a landfill or an ocean.

Everything here is handmade, unique, and made with 100% recycled plastic with our custom shredder, injection and extrusion machines.

First, we clean and categorize the plastic by type and color, then shred it to bits, and either extrude it or inject it into a mold. The end result possibilities are endless.


We believe single-use plastic should be a thing of the past. This is why at our Marketplace we carry a range of plastic alternatives to the most popular used and discarded items we see in the wild. Just imagine the impact thousands of people have towards pollution by using reusable products.

However, we understand that sometimes disposable items are needed, but fossil fuel based plastics are not the answer; they're the problem. So we also provide biodegradable plastics and other compostable items to ensure that the demand for conventional plastic is kept at a minimum, if at all.

We feel there's a thin line between donating and shopping at our Marketplace. When you check out, think of it as donating while receiving a thank you gift that helps our planet.

Every purchase saves the earth from one less plastic item produced, one less plastic item at our landfills, and one less plastic item in our oceans. #oneless

We understand the typical consumer is not totally at fault for the issues we are seeing today from plastic pollution. We're handed fossil fuel based single-use plastic products almost everyday from businesses with very little support to do the right thing when we're done with them.

That's why Wild Plastic started the Tide Turners Program to assist companies in converting from fossil fuel based plastics to plant based biodegradable plastics at their place of business. In the future, this service will include collection and upcycling so that it will never see a landfill.

This way we take power away from a polluting industry and help our delicate marine environment at the same time.

We really hope the value and scope of Wild Plastic is clear, as it's very much an uphill battle against the plastic pollution crisis we're in.


However, we believe if we work together it is surpassable. This is why we are a proud member of 1% FOR THE PLANET. We donate a portion of our sales annually to select foundations with our same goals so we can all grow to make a difference.

We also accept donations directly. Wild Plastic is merely a vehicle to solve a worldwide issue. Our goal is to end plastic pollution, not shareholder profit. That is why 100% of these donations go towards the growth and efficiency of Wild Plastic to create more of an influence in the years to come.


We always have a new goal to improve our impact so check out what we're working towards next!

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